Victor, N.Y. — Inspired by beer that was served at pre-prohibition saloons, Western Standard, a High West endeavor, is rolling out now in Minneapolis, Salt Lake City and Phoenix. Western Standard is a modern sessionable barrel-aged lager blended with beer aged in High West bourbon barrels.

With each sip of Western Standard, beer drinkers trace the brewing history of the West and are rewarded with a complex fusion of flavors and aromas. Aging the beer in High West bourbon barrels brings forth vanilla, caramel and oak flavors, which are complemented by modern notes of centennial hops. The lager features corn, rye and barley – a riff on a whiskey mashbill – which influences the aroma, flavor and body. The result is a full-bodied, well-balanced and exceptionally smooth flavor profile that appeals to both casual and discerning beer drinkers. With an approachable 5.2% ABV, it’s the perfect everyday lager for those seeking a premium, complex and more interesting beer.

As beer drinkers’ preferences shift toward more flavorful, lower-alcohol beers, Western Standard satisfies demand for two popular styles: barrel-aged and sessionable lagers. Sales of barrel-aged wood beers have grown by more than 27 percent over the past four years according to a 2017 Nielsen report on craft beer.

Western Standard will be available in stores in Minneapolis, Phoenix, Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, by mid-September in six-pack bottles. Beer drinkers in Phoenix and Minneapolis can also enjoy Western Standard now on draft.

A Modern Beer with Roots in a Historical Style

The idea for Western Standard was born from High West’s Founder David Perkins. Its origins come from a moment of discovery motivated by the pioneering spirit and inspired by pre-prohibition beer.

One day, Perkins and Ballast Point VP of Brewing James Murray got together and talked about their mutual appreciation of barrel-aged beers – and how they wished there was a more balanced, lower-alcohol version of the style. They discussed how pre-prohibition saloons used to serve lighter German-style lagers that were often delivered in oak barrels. Over a few beers, David and James, both pioneers in their respective fields, decided they would combine their areas of expertise to create a new beer that pushed the boundaries.

“We realized that practically everyone in the Old West used to drink slightly barrel-aged beers at saloons,” said Perkins. “But until Western Standard, no one was making this type of beer. We saw an opportunity to deliver a great-tasting beer that consumers these days want.”

Western Standard is a complex beer that takes seven weeks to brew from aging in cellars to blending with beer aged in bourbon barrels. Although inspired by historical beer, Western Standard is modernized with centennial hops that bring light citrus and floral notes. It’s then blended with beer that has been aged in High West bourbon barrels to add notes of vanilla, caramel and oak. So drinkers can taste all the ingredients in the recipe, Western Standard is brewed with a German lager yeast that’s clean fermenting and neutral.

About Western Standard
Western Standard is not your average beer – but a saloon-style lager that reflects Western Standard’s passion for the brewing history of the west. Inspired by beer served in pre-prohibition saloons, Western Standard is a modern beer with roots in a historical style. It’s a saloon-style lager blended with beer aged in High West bourbon barrels. It’s the perfect everyday lager for those seeking a premium, complex and more interesting beer.