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Tasting Asheville: From beer town to culinary capital(October 23) - On one side of the bar, primitive tools and shield-like menu boards evoke a medieval times vibe opposite framed pictures of Tom Selleck and Sloth from The Goonies — who are also painted in a mural on a full side of the building exterior. The sun has just set and though it’s our third brewery stop, Burial Beer Co. is the first to become crowded and chaotic. Complete Story

  Paste Magazine pairs 10 craft beers with 10 horror movies Rogue ALes - 1 Brewer
20,000 Brews by the Sea
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9 Breweries You'll Want to Follow on Instagram
(October 23) - Instagram is an incredible tool for building a following, whether you’re a band, a real estate company or a brewery. The practically mandatory use of hashtags means that you’re automatically targeting people who care about that topic, so people that wouldn’t necessarily discover your brand on Facebook may stumble across your photo on Instagram. Complete Story
City Star Brews Local Yokel Pale Ale with NoCo Malt and Hops
(October 23) - It's fresh, it's LOCAL, it's City Star Brewing's first test batch of Local Yokel! The American Pale Ale will be released in City Star Brewing's downtown Berthoud taproom on October 22nd. Local Yoekl is brewed with locally sourced ingredients: whole leaf dried Chinook and Cascade hops from Colorado Hop Company, grown just north of Fort Collins and barley grown and malted in Loveland at Root Shoot Malting. Complete Story

Dogfish Head's Flesh & Blood IPA is back!
(October 23) -We've heard your cries, and we're happy to annouce that we've released another round of our honest to goodness IPA brewed with a bevy of real citrus! You'll find zesty and juicy notes of orange peel, lemon flesh and blood orange juice with the resinous hoppy characteristics of an American IPA! Complete Story
Highly Anticipated Guava Islander Now Available!
(October 23) - Coronado Brewing is adding a new beer to our year round line up! A tropical take on our flagship IPA, Guava Islander is the perfect combination of hops and fruit. The beer is brewed with a whopping eight pounds of all natural pink guava puree per barrel of beer, giving Guava Islander a robust, fruit-forward aroma and flavor. Complete Story
Your next pint of craft beer could come from an energy-efficient greenhouse
(October 22) - Inside a spacious greenhouse in Fort Collins, Colorado, a kaleidoscope of red and blue lights beam down on rows of hop plants.Hops are a key ingredient in beer, and they typically flower just once a year in this mountainous state. But Bill Bauerle, who runs the greenhouse, recently picked his fourth crop since January thanks to the manipulative powers of his energy-efficient lights. Complete Story
Founders Introduces Frontwood Maple Syrup Bourbon Barrel-Aged Cherry Ale
(October 22) - Over the last few months, we’ve been hinting that 2017 is going to be a year full of incredible beers – and we’re ready to share the first of those with you. While you’ll have to wait until the new year (January, to be precise) to get your hands on this one, here’s a glimpse at the latest addition to our lineup of barrel-aged beers. Complete Story
Why Are So Many Craft Breweries Selling Their Beer in Cans?
(October 22) - The liquor store close by our house has something they call the “beer cave.” It’s an entire refrigerated room dedicated to housing their selection of craft beers. In this cave, over the course of the last handful of years, there has been a marked shift. Complete Story
Bottle Royale: Can Billionaire Dick Yuengling Let Go Of His Beer-Making Empire?
(October 21) - Stepping in to his Toyota Camry, Dick Yuengling pauses to apologize. There are crumpled papers coating the floor, littering the seats, teeming from every crevice. And there’s such a thick film of dust on the dashboard that you wouldn’t be able to see the radio channel if it weren’t for a little swipe in the dirt made by his finger. This is the car of a billionaire. “It smells and it’s dirty,” he says with a shrug. “But that’s just the way it is.” Complete Story
New Holland Brewing Releases Hoptronix, Double IPA – New Release Features Mosaic Hops and a Dose of Nostalgia
(October 21) -New Holland Brewing is introducing Hoptronix, a Double IPA brewed with Mosaic Hops to create a vibrant hop profile. Starting this week, the new year-round release will begin shipments in 12-ounce bottle six-packs to retailers and on draft to restaurants and bars wherever New Holland beer is sold. Complete Story
CLEANED UP: Red Hare announces a new design change, new winter lineup
(October 21) - Red Hare Brewing Company, a Marietta-based microbrewery, announced that it cleaned up at the 2016 U.S. Open Beer Championship. The company accepted five medals and placed fourth in the overall competition. One of these achievements was a bronze medal awarded to the brewery’s winter seasonal Sticky Stout, which returns later this month. Complete Story
Cedar Springs Brewing Company beer wins medal from GABF
(October 21) - Cedar Springs Brewing Company is pleased and humbled to announce that its Küsterer Original Weissbier was the recipient of the bronze medal in the “South German Wheat Ale” category at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival, held earlier this month in Denver, Colorado. Complete Story
Is the FDA Trying to Kill Craft Beer?
(October 20) No one in their right mind goes into brewing for the money. The start-up cost is too high, and the profit margin too thin for craft breweries to make a fast buck (yes, we know Ballast Point sold for $1 billion dollars; that was 23 years in). Which is why new laws, regulations, or shoddy oversight can make or break the smallest breweries — of which there are 2,300 in the U.S. — while offering little to no benefit to the consumer. Complete Story
10 of the world’s most expensive beers
(October 20) In 2006, Japanese and Russian scientists tested how well barley could grow in space. They rocketed barley seeds to the International Space Station and planted them aboard the Zvezda Service Module. After spending five months in orbit, the fourth-generation of barley was brought back to earth, where Japanese brewer Sapporo fermented it into the world’s first space beer. Complete Story
Dogfish Head CEO to Depart
(October 20) After 13 years at one of the country’s highest-profile craft breweries, Dogfish Head CEO Nick Benz will depart the organization at the end of the year, the company announced today. Complete Story
The Effect of Acquisition on Ratings
(October 20) Ballast Point Sculpin used to be a front-page beer on our leaderboards. It's now 49th in America, which, especially once you consider how many dead beers rank ahead of it, is still impressive. But it's no longer a top 20 beer like it used to be, and yet how much has the beer itself changed? Complete Story
Surly Brewing's head of brewing operations resigns
(October 20) - The head of brewing operations at Surly Brewing has resigned after more than 10 years at the popular beer company. Todd Haug, 46, has worked in the beer industry for 25 years and has been with Surly since it opened in 2006. Surly, in a news release, said only that Haug was stepping down from his post to “pursue other opportunities and challenges in the industry” and declined further content. Complete Story
Learn To Homebrew Day Returns on November 5th
(October 19) - On November 5, the American Homebrewers Association (AHA) celebrates the 18th annual Learn to Homebrew Day, an opportunity for homebrewers to draft their non-brewer friends and family to learn how to make beer at home. Hundreds of fun, educational events are held at homes, breweries, shops and clubs worldwide. Over 300 local celebrations are expected for this year’s celebration both in the U.S. and abroad. Complete Story
Revolution Brewing founder on huge beer recall: 'It's like a death in the family'
(October 19) - Revolution issued the recall Monday for specific batches of Anti Hero IPA, Fist City Pale Ale, Cross of Gold Ale, Mosaic Hero IPA, Eugene Porter and Unsessionable Imperial IPA. The affected beer is safe to drink but doesn't meet the brewery's standards for taste and flavor. Revolution founder Josh Deth said this was an unfortunate first for his company, a financial loss and a blow to the brewery's reputation. Complete Story
Jester Kings first 100% sponateously fermented beer
(October 19) - According to the Austin-based brewery, that will be the day that it will debut its first 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer, a project that has been in the works since Feb. 2013. Named Jester King 2016 SPON — Méthode Gueuze, the beer is a blend of one-, two- and three-year-old 100 percent spontaneously fermented beer that was made using the same traditional method that produces authentic Belgian gueuze. Complete Story
Anheuser-Busch InBev Acquires Northern Brewer & Midwest Supplies
(October 18) - The rumors started days ago have ended in the last 48 hours with confirmation direct from Northern Brewer and Midwest Supplies today that indeed, they were acquired by Anheuser-Busch InBev, the multi-national super conglomerate that owns Budweiser and Miller. More precise the deal was announced as being completed by ‘ZX Ventures’, the disruptive growth unit of AB InBev. Complete Story
Athens’ Terrapin Beer coming to Braves’ SunTrust Park
(October 18) - The Atlanta Braves said Tuesday they will bring the flavor of Athens to SunTrust Park, announcing a partnership with the Classic City’s noted Terrapin Beer Company for a taproom and microbrewery. The Terrapin Taproom will be operated by restaurant company Delaware North and feature Atlanta’s Fox Bros. Bar-B-Q, and next door will be a Terrapin microbrewery called the ATL Brew Lab. Complete Story
Cape May Brewing Company Releases Third Barrel Aged Beer, The Scupper, on October 22
(October 18) - Cape May Brewing Company sails again with the latest release in their Barrel Aged Series, The Scupper. Over two years in development, this third release will be available at noon on October 22nd, from their gift shop -- The Brewtique -- on 1288 Hornet Road in Cape May. “The brews in the Barrel Aged Series keep getting better and better,” says co-owner and president Ryan Krill. Complete Story
Reuben’s Brews Takes Home Gold at the Great American Beer Festival
(October 18) - Reuben’s Brews Gose, a traditional German sour ale, has taken gold for the second year in a row at the Great American Beer Festival. This crisp, refreshing and vibrant beer leads a category that is growing in popularity, with category entries at the festival nearly doubling since 2014 (141 entries in 2016). The Seattle brewery’s Gose edged out competitors from across the country with its lemon notes and vibrant salinity. 
The RAM Awarded Two Golds at Great American Beer Festival
(October 18) -The RAM Restaurant Group was honored this past weekend with two gold medals, including one for their flagship Hometown Blonde at the Great American Beer Festival. The RAM has participated in this prestigious competition for 20 years and these medals are the 47th and 48th the brewers have won. Complete Story
Stats from the Brewers Association show what you'd earn working in the craft beer industry
(October 17) -Considering the popularity of craft beer in America, it seems like there should be more money to go around. But it turns out, the folks filling your pints with joy aren't necessarily raking it in. To see what you'd make if you scored a job in the craft beer industry, take a look at these statistics provided to us by the Brewers Association. But hey, at least the get free beer... right? Complete Story

Craft beer sales show signs of slowing
(October 17) - About halfway through the the year, craft beer sales were only up from last year around 6 percent. While that still seems good, you must remember that craft beer sales typically have had double-digit gains for years now. Part of the issue here is that some of the bigger craft brands, such as Sierra Nevada and Sam Adams were down slightly from last year. Complete Story
Craft beer boom in Sonoma County shows no signs of slowing
(October 17) - Sonoma County is on the verge of joining those beer capitals. It already has the history — in the late 1970s, New Albion Brewing, widely regarded as the first craft brewery in the modern era, opened in Sonoma. Complete Story
Layoffs hit Stone, county's largest brewery
(October 16) - In a sign of the growing pressures on craft beer, Escondido’s Stone announced Thursday it has cut “approximately 5 percent” — about 60 — of its 1,200 employees. Dominic Engels, who this August succeeded co-founder Greg Koch as CEO, was not available for comment Thursday. But in a prepared statement Engels said that, despite these layoffs, “Stone remains one of the largest — if not the largest — employers in the craft brewing segment.” Complete Story
Buffalo Beer Goddesses Launch Certified Cicerone Scholarship for Women
(October 16) - In 2016, and every year to follow, one lucky beer loving gal from Buffalo will have an opportunity to be awarded a Certified Cicerone Scholarship. Thanks to the ongoing support of the Buffalo Beer Goddesses (BBG), local female beer enthusiasts continue to find the support that they are looking for when it comes to crafting an inclusive beer culture. Complete Story
Texas Church Says Craft Beer Is The Devil
(October 16) - A Texas church in the town of Canyon decided to double down on their message of temperance, publishing an ad in The Canyon News calling craft beer “the Devil’s Craft,” urging sobriety and including a verse from the Bible purporting the notion that Jesus was an early prohibitionist. Complete Story
7 lessons learned from Heineken to woo consumers
(October 16) - Heineken has been working for over two years with SocialCode in the application of knowledge from the social advertising to develop a strategy based on the interests of your audience. A combination of first - hand data from third that let you keep track of all consumers who have seen their ads and ended up buying beer. Complete Story

Mad scientist brewers stir up weird beers aficionados love
(October 16) - While most of the approximately 800 breweries at the Great American Beer Festival had an IPA, stout or lager available for tasting, there were several offerings that veered sharply off the traditional path, resulting in beers that were anywhere from unusual to the downright bizarre. Complete Story
Full Sail’s Gold-Medal Winning Wassail Winter Ale is Home for the Holidays
(October 14) -When the Wassail starts flowing, it’s wintertime in the Gorge. Hood River’s favorite annual tradition – the gold-medal winning Wassail Winter Ale – is back and all wrapped up for the holidays in a new, festive package as part of the Full Sail Pub Series, a rotating series that bottles the best of the brewery’s Hood River drafts. Complete Story
Cannabis Beer Brewer Prepares for National Distribution
(October 14) - A Colorado company says it has cleared a major hurdle to distribute cannabis-infused beer nationwide, and that it's developed the business relationships necessary to rapidly scale up production to meet what could be enormous demand. Complete Story
Boulder Beer Company releases Slope Style Winter IPA
(October 14) - Boulder Beer Company, Colorado’s First Craft Brewery, brings back its limited release beer Slope Style Winter IPA. Red in color with a perfect blend of five malts and a blast of piney Horizon hops, Slope Style is a hearty, cold weather Red IPA to complement your ski and snowboard season. Complete Story
Firestone Walker Beer News: A Farewell to Wookey?
(October 14) - Is it truly a farewell to Wookey Jack, Double Jack and Opal as Firestone Walker Brewing Company steels itself to stop brewing these beloved beers? The answer is complicated, but yes, Firestone Walker’s Proprietor’s Reserve line is winding down, and the three beers referenced above will accordingly dwindle from distribution by the end of the year. Complete Story
Pelican Brewing Releases New West Coast-inspired Pilsner, Five Fin, to Support Salmon Recovery Efforts on North Oregon Coast
(October 14) - True to its mission to protect and sustain the coastal area it calls home, Pelican Brewing Company invites brew lovers to ‘drink a beer and save a fish.’ A portion of proceeds from every barrel of Pelican’s new Five Fin west coast pilsner sold will be donated to the Salmon Superhighway—an unprecedented effort to restore access to almost 180 miles of blocked habitat throughout six major salmon and steelhead rivers of Oregon’s North Coast. Complete Story

Amid Shifting Craft Beer Landscape, Stone Brewing Announces Restructuring and Layoffs
(October 14) -Amid a shifting craft beer landscape, North San Diego-based Stone Brewing announced they have laid off a fraction of their staff.  The Escondido-based company laid off five percent of their team members recently. Complete Story
Ecliptic Brewing Celebrates Third Anniversary
(October 14) - Ecliptic Brewing is turning three and to celebrate will host its Third Orbit Anniversary Party with live music, food, and special beer releases on Saturday, Oct. 22. “It is really awesome to finish our third orbit around the sun at Ecliptic,” said Brewmaster John Harris. “Thank you to everyone that has been part of us getting here. In celebration, we created a Third Orbit Anniversary Ale and I can’t wait for everyone to try it.” Complete Story
WinterWonderGrass Colorado Announces 2017 Brewery and Band Lineup
(October 14) - Music and brews will integrate with the mountains of Steamboat Springs to deliver an authentic Colorado gathering celebrating bluegrass and craft beer at the fifth annual WinterWonderGrass Music and Beer Festival from February 23-26, 2017. WinterWonderGrass is the perfect storm of world-class bluegrass, roots and acoustic artists, craft beer, and libations under star filled Rocky Mountain nights. Complete Story
Rise of craft beer demands packaging that can stand up to the needs of an artisan beverage
(October 14) - In the UK, where real ale has been popular for many centuries, the palates of the beer drinking public started to crave something more than the nitro-kegged lagers and bitters that were introduced in the 1970s. This has driven a trend towards innovative, locally produced beers. Breweries of all sizes have contributed to the rise of the craft beer industry, and as it has evolved so too has the need for a packaging format that can stand up to the needs of such an artisan beverage. Complete Story
Kirin Hopes to Refresh Beer Offerings With Stake in Brooklyn Brewery
(October 13) - Kirin Holdings Co. of Japan said Wednesday it agreed to take a minority stake in Brooklyn Brewery, in one of the first investments by a Japanese company in a U.S. craft brewer. The investment will give Kirin a 24.5% stake in Brooklyn Brewery, the U.S.’s 12th-largest craft brewer by volume. Financial terms weren’t disclosed. Complete Story
Cannabis beer debuts at Great American Beer Festival
(October 13) - A new type of beer is causing quite the buzz in one Colorado city. Tucked away in a little corner of Parker, a small brewery hopes its new line of cannabis beer will be a hit with people. This week, Dad and Dudes Brewing is getting ready for the Super Bowl of beer – the Great American Beer Festival. Complete Story
Opinion: New York cares more about craft beer than Portland
(October 12) - I returned to Manhattan in late September to pay a visit to my employers here at MarketWatch and found a city whose beer palate had grown exponentially since I’d left in 2007, but was still similar to what I was accustomed to. Complete Story
Samuel Adams Recognizes Leading Homebrewing Talent With 2016
(October 12) -From kitchens, basements and garages around the country, homebrewers created and put forth their best brews for the 2016 Samuel Adams LongShot American Homebrew Competition. Over 1.2 million people in the U.S. brew their own beer and for the past 20 years Sam Adams has provided an opportunity for three homebrewers to have their beer brewed and distributed nationally for beer lovers to enjoy. Complete Story
Oskar Blues Brewery to expand to 9 more nations
(October 12) - A fast-expanding Colorado craft beer maker now has nine more countries in its travel plans.  Oskar Blues Brewery said Tuesday that it is launching its products in Belgium, Chile, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Puerto Rico and Spain by year’s end and will add Brazil, Japan and New Zealand to its distribution list early next year. Complete Story
CORRECTING and REPLACING Great Beers Awarded Great Honors at the 2016 Great American Beer Festival(October 11) - An amendment was made to the 2016 Great American Beer Festival Brewery of the Year results. GABF originally announced Karl Strauss Brewing Co. – San Diego as the Mid-Size Brewpub of the Year and Fat Head’s Brewery & Saloon as the Mid-Size Brewing Company of the Year. Complete Story and Medal Winners
Craft brewers toast independence in Fort Collins
(October 11) - On the eve of the country’s largest beer event, employees from five different breweries toasted in a cheers of solidarity. Everyone who filled the stage at Odell Brewing Co. that night had an ownership stake in their brewery. So did each of their co-workers. Complete Story
Alpine Beer Company Celebrates GABF Medal, Announces Expanded Lineup
(October 11) - This past weekend, Alpine Beer Company celebrated at the Great American Beer Festival with a bronze medal win for “HFS” – in the American Strong Pale Ale category. A hometown fan-favorite, this craft beer is one of the the San Diego county-based craft brewer’s tasting room-only releases, produced on draft and in extremely limited bottled batches from their brewhouse in Alpine, CA. Complete Story
What makes Great American Beer Fest so important -- from 6 perspectives
(October 10) - The Great American Beer Festival is ostensibly the nation’s larges  gathering of brewers and beer drinkers. In reality, the 60,000 beer lovers, 3,800 beers and 780 breweries spread across the sprawling, buzzing Colorado Convention Center in downtown Denver make up a series of microclimates. Complete Story
The Hottest Craft Beer You’ve Never Heard Of Is Launching in America
(October 10) - Never heard of BrewDog beer? You will soon. BrewDog, U.K’s biggest craft beer brewery, is now expanding to the U.S. And it’s bringing its non-traditional business model with it. The company relies on equity crowdfunding; its shares cost $47.50 each with a minimum investment of two shares. This means that, for $95, you can become a full-fledged BrewDog shareholder with a say in the business along with added perks, like a 20% lifetime discount on the BrewDog USA shop. Complete Story
Ancient beer brewed from shipwreck yeast
(October 6) - Mike Nash, a maritime archaeologist with Tasmania's Parks, directed a program of excavation of the Sydney Cove between 1991 and 1994, uncovering artefacts ranging iron cannon and anchors to hundreds of bottles. Some of the bottled alcohol was uncovered intact from the wreck, and is thought to be the world's oldest bottled alcohol discovered in a shipwreck, says Queen Victoria Museum Conservator David Thurrowgood. Complete Story
WeldWerks, Wiley Roots beer releases cause a stir in downtown Greeley
(October 6) - When WeldWerks Brewing owner Neal Fisher showed up for work on Wednesday, a line of avid beer fans awaited him. The line started about 8 a.m. and by 11 a.m., more than 200 people awaited the special release of WeldWerks’ Barrel Aged Mexican Achromatic stout. Complete Story

21st Amendment, Stone and Firestone’s new UnReal beer
(October 5) - A new, non-pumpkin collaboration beer is about to land and it’s a beer with a great back story — about a royal road trip. Shaun O’Sullivan, 21st Amendment’s brewmaster, was driving home from San Diego recently, when he stopped to pick up Mitch Steele, Stone Brewing’s former brewmaster. The pair continued north, stopping in Paso Robles to pick up Firestone Walker’s brewmaster Matt Brynildson. Complete Story

IPA has gone too far: Mitch Steele
(October 5) - It’s unfortunate that India Pale Ale has come to dominate the US craft beer market at the expense of all other styles, says former Stone Brewing Co brewmaster Mitch Steele. Complete Story
Oktoberfest sees lowest number of visitors in 15 years
(October 5) -About 5.6 million people visited Munich’s Oktoberfest - also known as Wiesn - which ended on Monday. This was a drop of 300,000 compared to the previous year and the lowest number of visitors since the September 11th 2001 attacks in the US. That year, 5.5 million people visited the beer fest. Complete Story

Top Selling Craft Beer and Brewery Books

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Full Sail and Session Win Seven World Beer Awards(October 5) - The Olympics may be over but Full Sail Brewing is still helping the U.S. bring home gold. The brewery won seven best of the U.S. medals at this year’s annual World Beer Awards, the international competition that uses a blind tasting system to choose the very best beers across the globe. Complete Story
Winter Seasonals from Merchant du Vin: Gifts that won’t be re-gifted
(October 5) - Samuel Smith's Gift Box: The Samuel Smith’s Gift Box has one 18.7 oz. bottle each of Oatmeal Stout, India Ale, and Organic Chocolate Stout as well as a brewery-logo glass and two coasters. Brewery scenes and bottleshots highlight the box, but the items inside will delight any beer drinker: Samuel Smith’s has played a proud role in the US beer revolution. Complete Story
The craft brewery explosion in Alberta
(October 5) - In 2003, seven craft breweries were producing beer in Alberta, including Edmonton’s venerable micro-brewery Alley Kat and Calgary’s not-big-but-not-small Big Rock. Today, even with the usual churn within any new business sector, 45 micro/craft breweries are making Alberta beers. Complete Story  you are. That's where The Paddy Wagon Pub comes in. They’ll bring the bar to you. Complete Story



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