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Ballast Point Takes Top Honors at the 2015 U.S. Open Beer Championship(July 4th) - Breweries from China to the Czech Republic sent in almost 4,000 beers and ciders representing 90 different styles for the 2015 U.S. Open Beer Championship. This competition includes professional breweries and award-winning home-brewers. Today, judges from England, Canada and the U.S. announced the winners. Complete Results

U.S. Open Beer Championship
Complete Listing of Medal Winners
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Oskar Blues Brewery
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McMenamins breweries will fill their millionth keg during Oregon Craft Beer Month(July 3) - In fact, they'll likely rack (fill from a fermenter or brite tank) Keg Million within a few hours of this post on Wednesday July 2...McMs brew boss John Richen compiled the following stats and facts for his brew crews this Oregon Craft Beer Month – (I've lightly edited it for brevity and A.P. Style, but he did the heavy lifting and deserves all the credit...) Complete Story

Judge holds fate of old Bavarian Brewery
(July 3) - The fate of the historic Bavarian Brewery in Covington is now in the hands of a Kenton County judge. Attorneys with the city of Covington and the property's owner, casino and hotel operator Columbia Sussex, on Wednesday argued in Kenton County Circuit Court whether the 100-year-old brewery building should be torn down. Complete Story
Chicago brewery renames their Donald Trump beer 'Chinga Tu Pelo
'(July 2) - A Latino-owned brewery in the Chicago area is renaming leftover beer they produced for Donald Trump, after he called Mexican immigrants "rapists" and drug dealers. Complete Story
Survival Of The Greenest Beer? Breweries Adapt To A Changing Climate(June 28) - When you hear the words "green brewery," you might picture gleaming solar panels or aerodynamic wind turbines. But the most valuable piece of technology at the $24 millionheadquarters of Smuttynose Brewing Co. on the seacoast of New Hampshire isn't quite as sexy. Complete Story
Lagunitas Primed For Gigantic Expansion With New Craft Beer Brewery Outside LA(June 26) - One of America’s most prominent craft beer breweries is doubling down on Los Angeles, with plans to open a large-scale production facility well east of Downtown. Lagunitas Brewing Company, which is based north of San Francisco in Petaluma but also has a brewery in Chicago, is among the most recognizable names on bottle shop shelves, having been in the business for nearly 25 years crafting mostly West Coast-style IPAs and pale ales. Complete Story
Lagunitas Primed For Gigantic Expansion With New Craft Beer Brewery Outside LA(June 26) - One of America’s most prominent craft beer breweries is doubling down on Los Angeles, with plans to open a large-scale production facility well east of Downtown. Lagunitas Brewing Company, which is based north of San Francisco in Petaluma but also has a brewery in Chicago, is among the most recognizable names on bottle shop shelves, having been in the business for nearly 25 years crafting mostly West Coast-style IPAs and pale ales. Complete Story
21st Amendment opens San Leandro brewery
(June 25) -21st Amendment Brewery has transformed a factory that once produced Frosted Flakes and Pop-Tarts into one of the Bay Area's largest breweries, helping make this city a destination for craft beer enthusiasts. The brewery, which opens its tasting room Friday, will be the third San Leandro craft beer maker, joining Drake's Brewing Co. and Cleophus Quealy Beer Co. Complete Story
Beer-loving centenarian gets free case from Lion Brewery(June 24) - A 100-year-old woman who became an Internet star because of her love for beer got some of her favorite beverage, for free. Pauline Spagnola’s 100th birthday party was featured on a newscast in Pennsylvania last week. She told a reporter that the secret to a long life, came from “a lot of booze.” Complete Story
Many craft breweries are attracting babies, toddlers
(June 24) - Two-year-old Cal Novario sat at one of the long communal tables at the JAFB Wooster Brewery in Wooster, Ohio, enjoying a tall, frosty mug of chocolate milk, as his father munched on a sandwich and had a beer. Complete Story
Pennsylvania brewery honoring Joe Paterno with special beer(June 23) - A Pennsylvania brewery is raising a glass to Joe Paterno. The Duquesne Brewing Company said Monday it's rolling out a brew honoring the late Penn State football coach. The Vienna-style lager, which will be available in mid-August, will come in 12-ounce cans featuring Paterno's image and accomplishments. Complete Story
Reuben’s Brews named best mid-sized Washington brewery
(June 22) - Reuben’s Brews has been named the best Mid-sized Brewery of the Year at the Washington Beer Awards. The Ballard-born brewery also took home gold medals for several of their signature brews, including the Foreign Export Stout, Robust Porter, and Black Imperial IPA, and silver medals for their Cream Ale and the Marzen. Complete Story
hy Bud Wants to Buy Your Local Brewery
(June 21) - When Anheuser-Busch InBev purchased Bend’s 10 Barrel Brewing late last year, no one was more surprised than the brewery’s newest hire—head brewer Whitney Burnside. Burnside, a veteran of Laurelwood, Upright, and Pelican, had been hired just a month earlier to take over 10 Barrel’s planned Pearl District location. Complete Story
Schell’s Brewery Cypress Blanc Review
(June 20) - Right or wrong, August Schell’s has a reputation in Minnesota for making safe beers. The reputation likely has something to do with the fact that they made craft beer as early as 1984, before it was called that, and probably because of their focus on lagers instead of trendy American styles. That reputation, though, could use an update. Cypress Blanc is the fifth release in their Noble Star Series, a progressive string of beers that uses cypress wood fermentation tanks from 1936 to condition sour lagers. Complete Story
Weyerbacher Brewing Company reflects on 20 years of craftiness
(June 19) - Weyerbacher Brewing Company has grown a lot in 20 years - from a former livery stable on Sixth Street in Easton into a full-scale brewery. It's morphed from producing a few hundred barrels of beer in early years, to more than 20,000 today. Complete Story
Brewdog picks site for Central Ohio brewery, Scottish paper reports(June 9) - Brewdog plans to announce its plans for a U.S. brewery Friday, but an early report is pointing to Columbus as the winner. The Scotland-based brewer, which has said Columbus is one of two cities it was looking at for its U.S. operation, has found land in Central Ohio, according to the Herald Scotland newspaper. Complete Story
Sierra Nevada to unveil beer garden, ampitheater
(June 9) - On his way through a brewery trek across Western North Carolina this week, Anthony Hager's “beercation” took a dramatic turn Thursday when he visited Sierra Nevada. “The first thing I told (the bartender), I said, 'This place is like Disneyland,'” Hager, a resident of Nashville, Tenn., said as he bellied up to the bar at Sierra Nevada's Taproom and Restaurant and took his first sips of the German-style Kolsch ale. Complete Story
Paddle a kayak between 6 different breweries on Traverse City beer tour
(June 9) - How many places are there in the U.S. where can someone paddle a kayak between six different breweries? Well, there's at least one. On Saturday, Paddle For Pints launches its first wave in Traverse City. The staggered event, to be held eight times through the summer, has swelled from an informal gathering organized through social media to a ticketed outing for 1,500 and counting over the past three years. Complete Story

So You Want to Start a Craft Brewery from Entrepreneur Magazine
(June 8) - In the past few years, craft brewing has come out of the basement and into the limelight to give traditional beer companies a run for their money. As defined by their trade organization, the Brewers Association, craft breweries are independently owned (less than 25 percent of craft breweries are owned or controlled by an alcoholic beverage industry member that is not itself a craft brewer), producing no more than 6 million barrels of beer a year. Complete Story
10 finalists named in NEO's Best Craft Brewery contest
(June 7) - Established breweries and recently opened ones share space as finalists in our NEO's Best: Craft Brewery list. Craft-beer drinkers of Northeast Ohio voted June 1-5 for their favorite local craft brewery. This is the first time breweries have been the focus of our NEO's Best competition. Complete Story
Washington's First Cooperative Brewery Plans to Open in Greenwood Mid-Summer
(June 7) - Three months back, Eater reported that Washington's first cooperative brewery (and the fourth in the nation) would open this June in Greenwood. Now comes word that it will probably be another two months until we see Flying Bike (so-named because a co-op brewery first seemed to the founders as "crazy" and "audacious" a plan as an airborne bicycle) at 8570 Greenwood Ave. N, and the team also has other news. Complete Story
New brewery to feature ginger beer
(June 6) - In a town where hundreds of craft beers are made every day, it's tough to create something new that stands out from the rest. But the next great Asheville beer just might be a snappy, peppery ginger brew that won over the crowd at the Just Brew It home brew festival two weeks ago. Complete Story

Dangerous Man's head brewer plans $1M brewery
(June 5) - A new company is building a craft brewery in Minneapolis' white-hot North Loop neighborhood. Modist Brewing Co. is helmed by Dangerous Man Brewing Co. head brewer Keigan Knee and Lucid Brewing packaging and logistics employees John Donnelly and Kale Anderson. Complete Story
A craft beer change is brewing(June 2) - In a nondescript industrial park, beer geeks line up several times a week outside Bissell Brothers in Portland, Maine to get the latest batch of fresh beer — much like foodies seeking the freshest baguettes, pomegranates or kale. Complete Story
Brewconomy is a documentary about North Carolina craft beer
(June 2) - Through the voices of brewers, community leaders, government officials, scientists, farmers, business owners and others, Brewconomy tells the story of craft brewing’s affect on agriculture, community, and economy. These effects include providing jobs, increasing tax revenue, strengthening community ties, encouraging agricultural innovation and production and generally improving the overall state economy. Website

A Word From the founder of Wachusett Brewing
(June 2) - Ned LaFortune and friends Kevin Buckler and Peter Quinn built up an appreciation for beer while students at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. Later, they launched Wachusett Brewing Co. in 1993 with a "we can do this" attitude, learning the business from the ground up while doing all the work. Today, the Westminster-based brewery remains popular for its fresh, creative products and as a destination site. Complete Story           

5 craft beer bits from Founders, New Holland owners(June 1) - Brett VanderKamp, president of New Holland Brewing Co., and Mike Stevens, CEO of Founders Brewing Co., talked candidly about the early days of their growing companies, which have become two of Michigan's largest craft breweries. Complete Story
Detailing 21st Amendment’s new production brewery in California
(June 1) -After three years of planning and construction, 21st Amendment Brewery co-founders Nico Freccia and Shaun O’Sullivan were excited to announce that production has officially begun at the company’s new brewery in San Leandro, Calif. When the doors open to the public in early June, the space will include a tasting room and outdoor beer garden, with the full campus design being finalized over the next few years to include a restaurant, floating bars including a “Tree House” bar overlooking the production line, meeting space and an indoor amphitheater for events, beer schools and concerts. Complete Story
American Beauty back in time for reunion of Grateful Dead members
(June 1) - American Beauty, our collaboration with the legendary Grateful Dead, is back – with a new look! – just in time for the Fare Thee Well reunion shows. A huge hit with both beer lovers and Dead lovers, American Beauty is an imperial pale ale (the band’s choice) brewed with organic granola. Complete Story
It's time for South Carolina's beer laws to loosen up(May 31) - Is South Carolina a good place to start a brewery? Many Upstate brewers say that state brewing laws have greatly improved in recent years, but regulations are still holding back smaller start-up companies. And all agree that the beer tax of 77 cents a gallon is too high. Complete Story
Anheuser-Busch plant in Cartersville, Ga. Turns From Beer To Water To Help Flood Victims
(May 31) - A company dedicated to providing its customers with fresh, crisp beer is turning its attention to helping those who are in need of a basic life necessity. Last Thursday, Anheuser-Busch’s brewery in Cartersville, Ga., stepped up to the plate and produced thousands of cans of water, which will be shipped to Oklahoma and Texas to help residents who are coping with the aftermath of record flooding and tornadoes. Complete Story
Smuttynose Brewery takes 'demand-side' approach to cutting high NH electricity costs
(May 31) - There is perhaps no better example of reducing energy costs through lower demand than the new Smuttynose Brewery in Hampton, which opened as a showcase for sustainable business practices on May 31, 2014. Complete Story
Destin Brewery: ‘Beer for the people and by the people’
(May 31) - Florida native Kelly Taylor has been dreaming of opening a brewery for half of his life. Since the day he reached drinking age he has dabbled in home brewed beer, but it wasn’t until recent years that he decided to fully pursue his passion for the craft. Complete Story
61 Brewers Speak Out: What I Wish I’d Known Before Starting a Brewery(May 29) - So remember that first time when you said, “I think I want to start a brewery”! After all of those experiences of getting the brewery up and running, if you could travel back in time and tell yourself some advice, what would it be? Complete Story
San Marcos Man Credits Rogness Brewing for Saving His Life(May 29) - A San Marcos man's letter to a Central Texas brewery is going viral. He says staying up late to try an Austin-made brew gave him just enough time to escape the devastating flood along the Blanco River. Saturday night when the devastating flood hit Wimberley, Colin Iliff was dog sitting for his aunt at her home on Flite Acres Road -- one of the neighborhoods destroyed by the Blanco River. Complete Story
5 new breweries to open in central Pa
(May 29) - One of the themes of Harrisburg Beer Week was specifically our local craft beer scene. In the documentary, "Brewed in the Burg," which I co-produced with GK Visual (together we also do What's on Tap), I asked brewers and other industry representatives whether they thought our local craft beer industry was -- or was at risk of becoming -- over-saturated. Complete Story
Widmer Brothers Brewing’s ‘100 Days of Hefe’ Returns to Portland this Summer
(May 29) - Widmer Brothers Brewing will be giving away a bike every day for 100 days in the Portland area this summer as part of the brewery’s second “100 Days of Hefe” event series. Once again Widmer Brothers has planned more than 100 local events from the end of May through Labor Day Weekend celebrating the brewery’s flagship beer, Hefe, and giving fans multiple opportunities to meet members of the brewing team. Complete Story
Smuggling a Guinness for My Hospital Patient
(May 28) - My pager went off late one afternoon with a message from the oncology service at my hospital, asking me to see a 70-year-old man with metastatic cancer and trouble breathing. I wasn’t hopeful. I had chosen to train in pulmonary and critical care medicine because I wanted to be someone who saved lives. But, it turned out, there was so much sickness I couldn’t fix. Complete Story

Boston Beer’s side project finally ready for national stage(May 27) - After four years, Boston Beer Co. chairman Jim Koch is ready to crack open a bottle or two from his side project, developing new lines of craft beers. And you won’t find the Samuel Adams name anywhere on the labels. Four brands developed or acquired by a business incubator that Koch created within Boston Beer are all having breakout moments. Complete Story  

Happy Anniversary Proof Brewing
(May 27) - Celebrating their one-year anniversary at the Railroad Square location, which opened last May, Proof Brewing Company was in high spirits last Saturday. First establishing themselves at a quaint spot on Tennessee Street in 2008, originally by the name of Liquor Loft in 2007, the founders of Proof, Byron and Angela Burroughs, have provided the Tallahassee community with specialty local beers at the two locations in town. Complete Story
Upper Hand Brewery announces facility additions
(May 27) - A U.P. Brewery that opened its doors earlier this year is now in the process of expanding its operation. Upper Hand Brewery in Escanaba plans to add 5,400 square feet of space to its current facility. The additional space will allow the brewery to increase its annual capacity from 5,000 barrels to 15,000 thousand barrels. Upper Hand Brewery officially opened for business just six months ago. The brewery is a division of Bell’s Brewery.
Yum! Sprecher Brewing Company bottling Honey Root Beer and Hard Apple Pie
(May 27) - Honey Root Beer is made exclusively with Wisconsin honey from its longtime supplier in Germantown, Wisconsin. This Honey Root Beer has a different profile than Sprecher’s well-known version, also made with Wisconsin honey. It is not a replacement. Complete Story
Craft beer? Microbrews? Increasingly, 'nanobrews' like Maine's Bissell Brothers, slake local thirst
(May 27) - In a nondescript industrial park, beer geeks line up several times a week outside Bissell Brothers to get the latest batch of fresh beer — much like foodies seeking the freshest baguettes, pomegranates or kale. Jeremy Ritz didn't get the beer he wanted on a recent day because it was sold out. So he decided to buy some rye ale instead. Complete Story
Druthers Brewing Company opens up shop in Albany
(May 27) - Druthers Brewing Company has the industrial look that fits right into Albany’s warehouse district. Some customers pointed out the exposed brick and piping that drew them in, aside from the food and drinks. This establishment has sort of kicked the revitalization of the warehouse district into high gear. Complete Story

A look behind the scenes at the new Avery Brewing facility(May 26) - With the opening of its new $28 million facility in February, Avery Brewing Co. went from being a Boulder beer maker to becoming a tourist destination. Complete Story
WorldBlu Certifies New Belgium Brewing as a ‘Freedom-Centered Workplace’
(May 26) - WorldBlu, a company specializing in freedom-centered, democratic organizational design and leadership, has named New Belgium Brewing to its ninth annual WorldBlu List of Most Freedom-Centered Workplaces™. The 2015 list, which is published every year on “Freedom at Work Day", certified 26 organizations around the world. Complete Story
Odell Brewing Introduces Barrel Aged Imperial India Pale Ale
(May 26) On June 1, 2015, Odell Brewing will release its latest Cellar Series offering, Barrel Thief, an Imperial India Pale Ale aged in medium toast American oak barrels. Barrel Thief features a variety of American hops including whole flower Equinox. It’s also dry-hopped with the experimental HBC 472 variety. The brew boasts bright notes of tropical and stone fruits that are enhanced by hints of vanilla, dried fruit, and toasted nut from the oak barrels. Complete Story
Talkeetna-based Denali Brewing Company is quietly booming
(May 26) - Expansion seems to be around every corner at the Denali Brewing Company. The Talkeetna-based craft brewery has been quietly booming for the past few years, and this summer is no exception for the Alaska business. A fourth brewing vessel was being added to the row of shiny stainless steel equipment, which will allow the company to brew three batches of beer -- or 900 gallons -- at a time. Complete Story
110-Year-Old Man Credits Long Life To His Daily Can Of Beer(May 26) - We’ve all heard that an apple a day can keep the doctor away, but one man who’s reached the lofty age of 110 has entirely different maxim — drinking a can of beer a day is keeping the reaper away. Complete Story  
Lager is feeling the love from craft breweries
(May 26) - Often ignored in craft beer circles, lager is starting to get a little craft love. Lager, a style of beer that uses bottom-fermenting yeast and is conditioned at colder temperatures, remains the most widely consumed style of beer in the country. The top 20 best-selling beers in 2014 are all lagers. Complete Story

Cancer diagnosis leads to plans for brewery, theater
(May 26) - A cancer diagnosis has prompted a couple to move ahead on plans to open Pointless Brewery & Theatre in Ann Arbor. The Ann Arbor News and the Detroit Free Press report Jason and Tori Tomalia had hoped to open a theater after they had established careers and after their children were grown. In 2013, Tori was diagnosed with lung cancer that had spread to other parts of her body. Complete Story
The world’s top selling beer is a watery lager sold only in China for $1 a liter(May 22) - If you live outside of China, you may never had heard of Snow, a pale ale made by SABMiller. But it has been the top selling beer brand in the world in terms of volume since 2008, when it overtook Bud Light. Complete Story
Best lager - Schell's Pils - 2015 Best of MN
(May 22) - August Schell Brewing brews lager beer — and they do it really well. They should. The brewery has been making German-style lagers in New Ulm for more than 150 years. Schell’s Pils is anchored in that Germanic tradition, while also embracing a pioneering spirit. Complete Story
Why you should bring your family to Wild Heaven brewery
(May 22) - If you’re driving down Maple Street in Avondale Estates, you can’t miss the Wild Heaven brewery. If you go too far, you’ll dead end into railroad tracks. Although it embraces the same industrial rail-yard vibe that seems to be synonymous with craft beer breweries in Atlanta, Wild Heaven isn’t just another beer company. Complete Story
Charlotte South End brewery targets end of June for opening
(May 22) - Wooden Robot, a new brewery specializing in Belgian-style beers, will open in South End around the end of June. The dog-friendly concept run by childhood best friends Dan Wade and Josh Patton, the beer-making president and the financial -savvy CEO, respectively, Wooden Robot is in the space of a former nightclub at 1440 S. Tryon St. Complete Story

Daredevil Brewery, the first to be built in city since Prohibition
(May 22) - The home of fast cars, big crowds and steep tradition is ready to tap into a growing business. The highly anticipated Daredevil Brewery is also the first brewery and taproom to be constructed from scratch in Indianapolis since Prohibition. Complete Story

Concrete Beach Brewery on tap to open in Miami, FL(May 22) - Concrete Beach Brewery’s social hall will be hopping with beer enthusiasts and locals soon: the 11,000-square-foot space opened to the public on Thursday, joining a handful of craft breweries in Wynwood. The former warehouse has been split in half and transformed into a 149-seat social hall and two-story brewery that will host live entertainment, educational tours and related programming. Complete Story
When summer weather arrives, Widmer and Portland Brewing will be ready with new summer beers
(May 21) - Widmer Brothers Brewing is releasing Hefe Shandy as its new summer seasonal. Hefe Shandy pays homage to the brewery's flagship beer, Hefeweizen, and plays on the ritual of adding a lemon to the rim, which dates back to the creation of the beer in 1986. Complete Story
Top reasons beer is actually good for you
(May 21) - Beer lovers, rejoice! Not only does beer taste great, and make you feel "buzzed" on life, beer is also good for you. Well, in moderation. As pints are poured in bars and restaurants across the country, know that drinking beer has real health benefits.* Complete Story

Samuel Adams And Weber Grills Elevate The Summer Beer-B-Q Experience With Beer-Soaked Wood Chips And Craft Beer-Infused Recipes
(May 21) - The brewers at Samuel Adams have teamed up with the experts at Weber Grills to combine two of America's favorite summer traditions, grilling and craft beer. Together, they have created the ultimate DIY activity for craft beer-loving, backyard pit-masters: Samuel Adams Summer Ale-soaked wood chips, designed to turn any gas or charcoal grill into a flavorful smoker. Complete Story
Man Arrested for Stealing Spent Grain From Local Brewery
(May 21) - According to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department, the Twisted Manzanita Ales brewery had reported the theft of spent grain from the facility on at least four separate occasions to officials. The stolen brewing byproduct, commonly sold as animal feed, was valued at about $2,150, and the brewers had planned to donate it to local farmers. Complete Story
Cathlamet brewery forced to change its name by San Francisco brewery
(May 20) - Drop Anchor Brewing in Cathlamet is pulling up anchor, though it won’t be going anywhere. Due to a legal threat from San Francisco’s Anchor Brewing Co., Cathlamet’s beermakers will now be known as River Mile 38 Brewing Co., a nod to its spot on the Columbia River. Complete Story
Family restores 300-year-old barn to house brewery, tasting room
(May 19) - The story of DeepWater Brewing Co. began more than 300 years ago in an old horse barn at the top of a hill. Built in the 1700s in a traditional post-and-beam style, the barn was once home to half a dozen horses, some of whom gnawed away at the hand-hewn beams that made up their stalls. Thirty years ago the barn moved from its original location across the street. Complete Story
Harpoon Released a New Year-Round Session IPA
(May 19) - Harpoon Brewery, has just dropped their first year-round beer introduced in four years: Take 5 Session IPA. As per a press release, “With a 4.3% ABV and 43 IBUs, Harpoon Take 5 is meant for those spontaneous moments, meeting up with friends and taking a break for fun.” Complete Story
Hair of the Dog beer named most sought-after craft beer in America
(May 19) - The boom in craft beer has meant a boom in craft beer lists, and some of them are just plain irritating. Understand that I firmly believe that Hair of the Dog and Alan Sprints deserve being named number one on almost any beer list because of Sprints's dedication to making great and memorable craft beers, but knowing Alan as I have for the last 20 years, I can't imagine that he ever asked to be named to the top of a list. Complete Story
Lazy Hiker Brewing opening in Franklin
(May 19) - Franklin will get its first brewery this week with the opening of Lazy Hiker Brewing in an old fire and police station on Main Street. Lazy Hiker opens Wednesday at 188 W. Main St., with a grand opening June 13, said Ken Murphy, who is teamed with partners Lenny Jordan and Tommy Jenkins and brewer Noah McIntee. Complete Story
Popular craft beer company opens Jersey Shore brewery
(May 19) - That's what borough residents and officials celebrated on Friday when the East Coast Beer Company, the brewers of the popular Beach Haus brand beers, held the grand opening for the new Beach Haus Brewery on Main Street. Complete Story
Darkness Brewing co-founders turn to crowdfunding to help bring brewery to life
(May 19) - One of the region’s newest brewery projects is looking for investment and hopes the public will share in their dream. Co-founders Eric Bosler and Ron Sanders want to open Darkness Brewing at a former warehouse at 224 Fairfield Ave. in Bellevue. Complete Story

A Craft Brew With a Chimp on the Label Retools to Stand Out on Crowded Shelves
(May 15) - In early April, 21st Amendment launched Bitter American’s replacement, called Down to Earth, another lower-alcohol IPA with a more citrusy flavor and aroma. The bigger change was on the outside of the can: The chimpanzee floating in dark space on the outside of the Bitter American can was now, on the Down to Earth can, pictured in a colorful tropical locale. Complete Story

Batch 69 IPA WINS the Gold Medal in the IPA Category at 2015 World Expo of Beer
(May 15) - The high praise from craft beer fans for Frankenmuth Brewery's Batch 69 American IPA is bound to get even louder since the brewery's flagship IPA was awarded the 2015 Gold Medal for Best IPA at the World Expo of Beer May 15 & 16. World Expo of Beer is considered the largest beer sampling event in Michigan. Complete Story
Mix Your Own Adventure with New Belgium Brewing’s Pear Ginger Beer
(May 15) - New Belgium Brewing is shaking it up this summer, giving beer and cocktail lovers a chance to mingle over an adventurous new libation. Pear Ginger Beer is New Belgium’s latest Lips of Faith offering, updating the Victorian-era ginger beer with whimsical additions of lemon peel and pear. The result is a zesty, refreshing drink that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into a cocktail. Complete Story

Craft Beer Week: Which top beer app is best?
(May 15) - Michigan's immense and growing array of craft beers can be tricky to navigate. It can even be tough to remember which brews you have and haven't tried. For such first-world challenges, we present some smartphone-friendly solutions. Complete Story
Florida's 64-ounce beer growler bill signed into law
(May 15) - Gov. Rick Scott on Thursday signed into a law a measure that ends the "growler war" over craft beer that has been swirling in the state for several years. It was one of 27 bills the governor signed. Complete Story
St. Joseph's Brewery and Public House opens in the historic St. Joseph's Parish
(May 14) - The next time you go out for a local craft beer you can tell your friends you're going to "church." Indy's newest brewery and gastropub, St. Joseph Brewery and Public House, has been constructed inside the former St. Joseph church in the Lockerbie neighborhood. Complete Story
Craft beer: Crowdfunding a brewery
(May 14) - Why did Cuppaidge choose to raise money for his brewery via crowdfunding - when large numbers of small-time investors help finance a project, typically via the Internet - rather than by more traditional means? Complete Story
Idaho brewery to build $4.5 million expansion in Boise
(May 14) - Idaho's largest brewery is expanding with a $4.5 million brewery and office complex in downtown Boise. The Idaho Statesman reports that the Garden City-based Payette Brewing Co. will open a flagship location and main offices downtown in the former home of Bronco Elite Athletics. Complete Story
City Star Brewery & Local Grocer Team Up to Offer Craft Beer Brats‏
(May 13) - Just in time for summer grilling, Hays Market and City Star Brewing have collaborated to introduce Homemade Bandit Brown Beer Brats, now offered for sale at Hays Market in both Johnstown, CO and Berthoud, CO. Complete Story

Dogfish Head's American Beauty returns
(May 13) - Just in time for the summer reunion of the Grateful Dead’s surviving members, we’re re-releasing our Dead collaboration American Beauty. The beer will drop in our Milton Tasting Room and our Rehoboth Beach brewpub on Monday, May 18, and should be hitting taps and shelves in markets where Dogfish is sold in the weeks after. Cheers to 50 years! Complete Story
Relationships at heart of Point Brewery sales growth
(May 13) - Charlie Kubisiak said at its heart, his business is still about the personal connections he makes every time he walks into a bar, restaurant or grocery store. Kubisiak is the regional sales manager for Stevens Point Brewery, a business founded in 1857, making it one of the oldest continuously operating breweries in the United States. Complete Story
Anheuser-Busch ad ridiculing craft beer prompts Kalamazoo brewery to make pumpkin peach ale
(May 13) - One Well Brewing will release its pumpkin peach ale, made with real pumpkin and peach concentrate, at its Milwood neighborhood brewery Wednesday.Co-owner T.J. Waldofsky said brewer and co-owner Chris O'Neill brewed close to 100 gallons, or six kegs worth, of the specialty beer. Complete Story
A Barrel-Aged Beer LITERALLY Unlike Any Other: Ecliptic/Wicked Weed/Stone Points Unknown IPA
(May 12) - In recent years, barrel-aged beers have become some of the world’s most coveted creations. Crafting them typically involves sequestering heavy stouts or barley wines in whiskey barrels for long periods of time. It’s a straightforward and successful method utilized by many in the brewing industry. Complete Story
New beer class might meet rising local demand
(May 12) - Cincinnati State Technical and Community College will launch its first beer course this fall, with more courses planned in the future. "BREW 100: Introduction to Craft Beer," a three-credit course, will cover topics such as serving and storing beer, beer history and beer styles, with tastings to help students develop their palates. A brewer from Rhinegeist will help students to create a class beer, which Rhinegeist will brew. Complete Story
Firestone Walker's 2015 Stickee Monkee “Central Coast Quad” Set for May 23 Release
(May 12) - You could call it a bunch of Monkee business—a beer meticulously brewed in the classic Belgian Quadrupel style, but aged for more than a year in retired bourbon barrels to create a stylistic outlier now known as a “Central Coast Quad.” Complete Story
Going Green: Berghoff Brewery Unveils A Hop Forward Pilsner And IPA
(May 11) - First timers can be found in various forms, like drivers, tweeters and lovers. They can also include breweries and more specifically, Berghoff Brewery. Having released a Hop Forward Pilsner and IPA on May 5, the brewery is starting its first foray into producing hoppy beers that’ll be available year round. Complete Story
Back By Popular Demand: Samuel Adams Re-Releases Drinker Favorites For Limited Time
(May 11) - Over the years, the brewers at Samuel Adams have released hundreds of beer styles, and crafted more than 60 styles last year alone. Although they may not all be in current rotation, they are far from forgotten. Craft beer drinkers reach out to the brewers daily with pleas to bring back their favorite Samuel Adams styles, and beginning today they can help make that happen. Complete Story
Inside Colorado's Aspen Brewing Company
(May 11) - AIf you attend college in Colorado, you’ll start to really love craft beer—or hate beer entirely. Duncan Clauss, who went to the University of Colorado at Boulder, falls in the former category. In fact, he’s taken that truism to its most logical extreme, first by falling in love with Boulder’s famed beer scene, then by becoming a home brewer—and finally by moving to Aspen in an attempt to edge into the already-crowded Colorado beer market with a brewery aptly named Aspen Brewing Company. Complete Story

AleSmith Celebrates Tony Gwynn’s 55th Birthday
(May 11) - Late San Diego Padres icon Tony Gwynn would’ve turned 55 on Saturday and one local brewery celebrated his birthday with a party featuring a craft beer inspired by Mr. Padre himself. AleSmith Brewing Company celebrated Gwynn at its Tasting Room with an all-day party where patrons could pick up bottles of a brew dubbed Hall of Fame: Imperial San Diego Pale Ale .394. Complete Story
N.J.’s smallest brewery is toasted in Hillsborough
(May 11) - It was only natural that Jeremy Lees proposed to his future wife in a brewery. At the time, Lees, 38, was “obsessed” with home brewing. He and his girlfriend spent their vacations visiting breweries, which, even after getting married, they still do. Complete Story
Firehouse Brewing Opens in 100-Year-Old Rapid City Firehouse
(May 11) - The historic Main Street firehouse in Rapid City is still serving a purpose in the community 100 years after it opened, if not for what it was originally intended. The building is now being used as a restaurant, brewery and playhouse. A centennial celebration for the building that is now home to The Firehouse Brewing Co. has been scheduled for Saturday. Complete Story
A staggering success? S.F. to host Beer Mile showdown
(May 10) - If you’ve ever had trouble deciding whether you should drink beer or exercise, there is an event coming to San Francisco this summer that will make that decision easy — or, better yet, obsolete. The ambitiously titled Beer Mile World Classic will hit Pier 70 on Aug. 22, and if you’re confused about what the event is, well, it’s exactly like it sounds. Complete Story
Copperpoint Brewing debuts Monday in Boynton Beach
(May 10) - Friends like to joke that the same thing that made Matt Cox the world’s slowest bartender also makes him a great craft beer brewer. It’s his attention to detail. This is good news for those who have been eagerly awaiting his new brewery, Copperpoint Brewing Co., in Boynton Beach, which opens Monday. Complete Story
Fall open planned for new Woodburn Brewery in East Walnut Hills, Ohio
(May 10) - Joining the host of craft brewers that have bubbled up in Cincinnati in the past few years, a new microbrewery is set to open this fall in East Walnut Hills. Co-owners Chris Mitchell and Dennis Chacón said they plan on opening The Woodburn Brewery at 2800 Woodburn Ave. Complete Story

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Preyer Brewing latest brewery to open in Greensboro(May 9) - Nicole Preyer said people often ask her if she’s ready to have a second baby. But she and her husband, Calder, already have a second baby — their new brewery. And the public got its first look at it Friday afternoon. Complete Story
21st Amendment Brewery - unabashed recommendation
(May 9) - Of all of the Amendments, I’d have to say that the 21st is the most American. After all, it’s just declaring “take backs” on the 18th Amendment and what’s more American than saying, “Oops, I goofed”? San Francisco’s 21st Amendment Brewery celebrates this fantastic piece of legislation and the spirit of the U.S.A. the best way it knows how: by brewing and selling tasty, affordable beer.  Complete Story 
Bond Brothers Beer Company to open brewery in downtown Cary(May 9) - A group of local home brewers has partnered with a Cary developer to open a bar and brewery in downtown Cary. The recently formed Bond Brothers Beer Company is expected to sell beer from the tap at 202 E. Cedar St. – off East Chatham Street – some time next spring. Complete Story
Former mail carrier hopes his new brewery delivers
(May 9) - It’s a new business that’s a first of its kind in Muscatine. Along the river in Muscatine you’ll spot its newest business, Contrary Brewing Co. It’s the first brewery for Muscatine. Owners Mark and Robin Mitchell opened it four weeks ago. “We thought there was a niche that needed filled so here we are,”said Mark. Complete Story



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