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3,300 cases of beer stolen from Atlanta brewery(June 22) - More than 3,000 cases of beer were stolen from an Atlanta craft brewery early Tuesday. Two trailers that contained 3,272 cases of beer were taken from SweetWater Brewing Company on Ottley Drive, company spokeswoman Tucker Berta Sarkisian said. Each trailer contained 20 pallets of SweetWater’s Summer Variety Pack, she said. Complete Story

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10 Bed and Brews Changing Beer Travel
(June 22) - Today, travelers have ample lodging choices that range from upscale resorts to cozy bed and breakfasts. But thanks to the growth of small and independent craft breweries, we’re starting to see more and more breweries on hotel grounds offering options for traveling beer lovers. Complete Story
Founding brewer for MIA Beer Company killed in car crash(June 22) - A well-known brewer in Miami’s craft beer scene was killed in a car crash over the weekend. Piero Rodriguez, one of MIA Beer Company’s founding brewers, was killed in an accident early Sunday, owner Eddie Leon confirmed. He was 34. Complete Story

Off Grid Ales to produce beer using solar and wind energy(June 22) - Off Grid Ales is getting ready to start production on new brews that promise to be greener than anything offered on St. Patrick's Day. That's because the Harvey Lake brewery will be powered by solar and wind energy. Complete Story 
Judge Dismisses Blue Moon “Craft Beer” Lawsuit Against MillerCoors (Again)
(June 22) - Last year, a California man sued MillerCoors over its continued labeling of its Blue Moon brew as a “craft beer.” In October, a federal court threw out the case against the mega-brewer. A federal judge has now ended the argument once and for all, dismissing an amended complaint the plaintiff filed after the first case was tossed out. Complete Story

Craft Beer Explosion: Do Big Players Want “In” at Any Cost?
(June 21) - The craft beer market has enjoyed incredible growth in the U.S. -- production has more than doubled to 24.5 million barrels over the past five years as the craft segment now lays claim to 12.2% share of total beer industry volume and an even more impressive 21% of sales volume. Complete Story
Christian Moerlein to release imperial hefeweizen
(June 21) - Christian Moerlein Brewing Co. will release an imperial hefeweizen made with blackberries to help celebrate its 1,000th batch brewed and Cincinnati Beer Week. The beer is called Thousand Weiss. The beer, available in a 22-ounce bottle and on draft, will be released first at a special tapping at 5 p.m. Tuesday (June 21) at Cappy's Wine and Spirits in Loveland. Complete Story
Stone RuinTen Triple IPA Celebrates Fifth Straight Year‏
(June 21) - The ever-popular Stone RuinTen Triple IPA otherwise known by Stone Brewing as “a stage dive into a mosh pit of hops” is back to satisfy palates of the highest order of hop fanatics. The triple IPA will make its annual return in 22-ounce bottles and on draft at select retailers, bars and restaurants where Stone beer is sold, beginning the week of June 20. Complete Story

Oregon coast brewery options grow by 3: Pelican, Public Coast, Reach Break
‏(June 21) - Well, in fact, three new breweries are popping up on Oregon's northern coast to expand your palate. Two are open in Cannon Beach — Pelican Brewing and Public Coast Brewing — and Reach Break Brewing is coming together for a late summer/early fall opening in Astoria. Complete Story

New Belgium Brewing to Release Second Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream-Inspired Beer
(June 20) - New Belgium Brewing and Ben & Jerry’s are teaming up once again to create a new ice cream inspired beer while raising awareness about climate change. Inspired by one of Ben & Jerry’s smash hits, New Belgium has developed Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Ale, a special release beer to hit the shelves in the fall. Complete Story

Don't Believe the Hype. Craft Beer Isn't Dying(June 18) - There's no denying the industry is slowing as craft beer sales this year have risen at less than half the rate they did a year ago. And with more craft breweries in existence now than at any time in the past, it may be a case of the industry simply being diluted by its own success. Complete Story
Homebrewers Zymurgy magazine crowns Russian River’s Pliny the Elder best beer in America(June 18) - The results are in! For the eighth year running, Russian River’s well-known and beloved double IPA, Pliny the Elder, has been tapped for the top spot on Zymurgy magazine’s list of the Best Commercial Beers in America. Members of the American Homebrewers Association (AHA)—which publishes Zymurgy—were able to choose up to 20 of their favorite commercial beers available for purchase in the United States in an online voting system. More than 18,000 votes poured in. Complete Story

(June 18) - What’s more is that craft beer lovers also seem to be more interested in staying in shape, with 57% of those surveyed saying they exercise a few times a week, versus only 52% of normal booze-goers. Complete Story
Hamilton’s Municipal Brew Works open for business
(June 9) Hamilton’s first brewery in 80 years — Municipal Brew Works opened Wednesday as more than 75 people lined up to sample four brews that were on tap for the grand opening. Sean Willingham, the head brewer at Municipal Brew Works, was pleased with the early turnout and said the business is poised to for a long run in the city. Complete Story
Brewers Association says Sierra Nevada, New Belgium, Sam Adams and Yuengling are all down in sales so far in 2016
(June 6) - Large craft brewing companies that are do qualify for the Brewers Association definition, such as Yuengling, Boston Beer, New Belgium and Sierra Nevada, are all down a combined 4 percent. This surprising data could point to a shift from consumers drinking larger regional breweries and focusing more on their smaller locals. Complete Story

Aging Beer: The Basics of Cellaring Your Brews
(June 5) - Aging beer can have an enormous impact upon it. It can round out the flavors, tone down the hops, and lead to the development of new esters as the beer begins to take on different characteristics until it eventually becomes an entirely different beverage, sometimes almost nothing like its original, un-aged kin. Complete Story
Six Degrees Of Sep-BEER-ation
(June 4) -  I achieved beer nirvana…I would call it Beervana, but another beer festival has already claimed the rights on that one. A few months ago I suggested to Mrs. Healer that I thought it would be a good idea for me to grab a notepad and pen and head over to Melbourne for an “educational trip” to The Great Australasian Beer SpecTAPular.  Complete Story
Temperature and its effect on packaged beer
(May 27) - People often ask how long a can or bottle of beer will last if they buy it now. It’s a bit of a loaded question because there are many variables to consider when trying to provide an accurate answer. But, it is asked frequently because there are a number of misconceptions and myths floating around. Complete Story
Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act Reaches 218 House Co-Sponsors
(May 27) - Adding its 218th co-sponsor, the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act (H.R. 2903) is now supported by the majority of the U.S. House of Representatives. The comprehensive, bipartisan bill—which is widely supported by the brewing industry—seeks to reform burdensome laws regulating America’s brewers and beer importers and recalibrate the current federal excise tax structure for the nation’s brewers, fostering economic development and innovation in the industry. Complete Story
Russian River and Firestone Walker Collaborate on ‘STiVO’ Keller Pils
(May 27) - After a lengthy courtship, Russian River Brewing Company and Firestone Walker Brewing Company announced today the imminent arrival of STiVO—an immaculately conceived mashup of their respective craft pilsners, STS and Pivo. Complete Story
Odell Brewing Releases Zard-Alu
(May 27) - On May 27, 2016, Odell Brewing will release its most recent Cellar Series beer, Zard-Alu, a Sour Apricot Ale. “Stone fruits are one of the top aroma notes in some hop varieties, but the bitterness doesn’t always pair well with sour beer,” said Eli Kolodny, Quality Control Manager. “So, we wanted to make a sour stone fruit beer and Zard-Alu was born.” Complete Story
Great Divide Brewing Company Debuts Newest Tank Farm Brew, Nadia Kali
(May 27) - In June Great Divide Brewing Company will introduce Nadia Kali, the newest Tank Farm brew. Nadia Kali is an inspired saison with cross-cultural influence. Her ruby pink glow comes from a generous infusion of hibiscus while ginger root gives it a subtle spice and hint of woodsy maturity, and lemon peel adds a citrus tartness. Complete Story 

This is how Jackie O's smashes barrels and keeps Ohio weird.(May 27) - But over the years, Jackie O’s has grown, in every way possible. After starting out with just five employees (Oestrike, Clark, and three bartenders), there are now more than 100, with nearly 30 full-timers. Complete Story
San Diego's Ballast Point Marks Virginia's Fourth Craft Brewery Score
(May 25) - Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe has announced that Ballast Point is the fourth brewing entity to choose Virginia. The brewery and distillery, which sold to Constellation Brands last year, will hire 148 employees and spend nearly $48 million to buy and turn a commercial building near Roanoke into a factory and eventual tasting room. Complete Story

World's Oldest Brewery Discovered in China
(May 25) - Researchers working together at Stanford, Brigham Young University, and the Shaanxi Institute of Archaeology have unearthed the world's oldest brewery along with traces of beer dating back anywhere from 4,900 to 5,400 years old. Complete Story
Warped Wing Brewing Releases lager named after Trotwood camper
(May 23) - Dayton's largest brewery will release a new lager, inspired by a discontinued RV that had been manufactured in Trotwood. Warped Wing Brewing Co., working with The RV Clinic in Franklin, found and refurbished a 1957 Trotwood Trailers camper to use for brewery events, including the Trotwood Lager kickoff. Complete Story
Judge's decision saves Bavarian Brewery
(May 23) - The fortress-like Bavarian Brewery in Covington will remain standing after a judge upheld the city's decision to block its demolition. Kenton County Circuit Court Judge Patricia Summe ruled the city's denial of demolition permits to the building's owner, Columbia Sussex, was appropriate. Complete Story
Stone Brewing Plans to Open a Brewery and Restaurant in Downtown Napa
(May 23) - Stone Brewing, one of craft beer’s most recognizable brands, will open a new brewery and restaurant in downtown Napa’s historic Borreo building as early as next spring. “The historic Borreo building is the perfect space for us to put down our roots in Napa,” Greg Koch, CEO and co-founder of the San Diego brewer, said in a release announcing the project. Complete Story
Big Island Brewhaus Expanding its Distribution
(May 20) - Big Island Brewhaus is expanding across the island and the state. The Waimea-based brewery, located on Mamalahoa Highway, has recently started bottling its beer and self-distributing throughout Hawaii. Complete Story
American Dream U & Samuel Adams "Pour One Forward" for America's Military
(May 20) - American Dream U, which helps military members and their spouses successfully transition into new careers, is pleased to announce that it is working with Samuel Adams, on the "Pour One Forward" program. Through the program, Samuel Adams will contribute funds to support American Dream U's mission to provide men and women in the armed forces with the resources they need to find their dream job or start a business during transition. Complete Story
MEET YOUR MAKER - Brewmaster Q&A with Tom Vogel, Co-Owner, Belching Beaver Brewery
(May 20) - The company goes by a silly name, but beer is serious business at Belching Beaver Brewery. What started in North County as a small, industrial-park brewery three years ago has grown into a four-part empire with a North Park tasting room, large Oceanside production brewery and a new brewery-equipped restaurant in Vista’s downtown village area. Complete Story

Another Brewery Is Sold To Its Employees
(May 19) - News broke out of Ontario, Canada, yesterday that Beau’s All Natural, a craft brewery with 150 employees founded in 2006 by a father and son, would transition from family-owned to employee-owned starting in July. Complete Story
Innis & Gunn’s New Barrel-Aged and Bottle-Conditioned Vintage‏
(May 19) - Edinburgh, Scotland – Innis & Gunn, the award-winning independent brewer of oak-aged beers, is releasing a new and limited-release beer in the US. Innis & Gunn Vintage is a 7.7% ABV ale that was brewed in 2015 and aged in first-fill American bourbon barrels for 100 days before being packaged in 25-ounce bottles. Complete Story
Dogfish Head honored by Americans for the Arts
(May 19) - Americans for the Arts, the nation’s leading nonprofit organization for advancing the arts and arts education, today announced that Dogfish Head has been named a BCA 10: Best Businesses Partnering with the Arts in America honoree for 2016! Complete Story 

Be the first to try Summits' 30th Anniversary Keller Pils
‏(May 19) - Summit is marking three decades of brewing with four 30th anniversary brew releases throughout the year. Next up, a Keller Pils with a serious German ingredients list. Keller Pils combines the unique flavor characteristics of a classic German pilsner malt with traditional and modern German hop varieties to produce a lager unlike any other we've brewed before. Complete Story
Small Buffalo brewery: We'll pay to get Budweiser 'off our streets'
(May 19) - Community Beer Works in Buffalo will pay customers $1 for every bottle or can of Budweiser, Bud Light or other Anheuser-Busch InBev product they bring to the brewery at 15 Lafayette Ave. this Saturday. Complete Story
Factotum Brewhouse to sell Peyton Manning beer
(May 19) - A brewery in Denver, Colo. teamed up with a brewery in Indianapolis to create a beer in tribute to Peyton Manning. Factotum Brewhouse in Colorado worked with Tow Yard Brewing of Indianapolis to create "Oatmaha." The beer will be a special limited release in honor of the great Peyton Manning.
Denver says dogs aren't allowed in breweries because beer is food
(May 18) - Denver breweries may have to turn away some of their friendliest customers now that city inspectors have begun to crack down on allowing dogs in breweries throughout the metro area. Complete Story
MadTree breaks ground on $18M brewery, taproom
(May 18) - MadTree Brewing broke ground Tuesday on a $18 million production brewery, taproom and event center in Oakley. The Cincinnati-based craft brewer is renovating the former RockTenn site, an obsolete brownfield manufacturing facility at 3301 Madison Road. Complete Story
Sprecher Releases Hard Cherry Cola, Hard Orange Cream and Hard Cola
‏(May 18) - Sprecher Brewing, long recognized as a leader in the craft beer and craft soda markets, will double its portfolio of “hard soda” beverages with the introduction of three new products -- Hard Cherry Cola, Hard Orange Cream and Hard Cola. Expect to see these new brands on store shelves by late May. Complete Story

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French Broad Brewery sold to Thirsty Monk(May 18) - Two established Asheville breweries are coming together as the Thirsty Monk pub chain buys French Broad Brewery near Biltmore Village. It's the first combination of Asheville breweries in the history of local craft brewing, which dates to 1994. The French Broad brand and brewery will continue. Complete Story
Where to find craft beer in central Ohio
(May 18) - Get your craft beer here. OK, technically not here, but central Ohio has more than 30 breweries producing craft beer. Many have opened within the last few years, and another handful plan to be brewing soon. Complete Story
Brooklyn Brewery Opening Huge Rooftop Beer Garden & Brewpub In The Brooklyn Navy Yard
(May 17) - The Brooklyn Navy Yard has added another impressive name to its growing roster of notable NYC food businesses. The Brooklyn Brewery has signed a lease for a 75,000-square-foot space in Building 77—the building that is currently undergoing a $185 million renovation—where they'll expand their footprint in the borough with a beer garden, brewing facility and restaurant. The brewery signed a 40-year lease on the space, which is scheduled to open in 2018. Complete Story
Chicago Could Get Its Very Own Beer Museum With An On-Site Bar
(May 17) - The Lucas Museum may be on its way out of Chicago, but a new, more Chicago-specific museum is coming to fill the void: the Chicago Brewseum, a museum of beer. With a house bar, of course. The project is still in the early stages—they just launched a GoFundMe—but the Brewseum has some of the biggest names in Chicago beer on its side. Board members include John Hall, founder of Goose Island Brewery, and Josh Deth, founder of Revolution Brewing. Complete Story

Harpoon Brewery Releases 100 Barrel Series Sticke Alt(May 16) - Each spring Harpoon employees celebrating an anniversary are taken on a weeklong overseas “beer trip.” During these trips, the Harpoon group is taken on special tours of breweries throughout various regions of Europe to explore and enjoy European beer culture. The 2015 Harpoon beer trip to Germany inspired the latest creation for the Harpoon 100 Barrel Series: introducing Harpoon Sticke Alt. Complete Story

Commemorate Mount St. Helens Eruption with Redhook's Haul Ash Tour de Brew Saturday
(May 16) - Redhook Brewery commemorates the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens with the annual Haul Ash Tour de Brew, a 42-mile round-trip ride along the Burke-Gilman Trail from the Woodinville brewery to LTD Bar & Grill in Fremont and back. Complete Story
Rhinegeist announces party plans for third anniversary
(May 15) -“This year, for our birthday, we want people to experience Rhinegeist like never before,” said Rhinegeist co-founder Bryant Goulding. “All of your favorites will be available, but we have a ton of surprises up our sleeve, including a bevy of new beers and rarities. Complete Story




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