LARKSPUR, CA. — This week The Marin Brewing Company has unleashed a collaboration brew like no other, dubbed Marin/Granizo South ‘Merkén Double Porter.

It’s a beer born of South America roots.

While judging the Copa Argentina Craft Beer Competition in Buenos Aires this past summer,  Brewco’s Brewmaster Arne Johnson found inspiration. It sprung from a conversation with fellow brewer Oscar Garrido from Cerveceria Granizo from Chile about the next great beer.

Johnson describes Garrido as a badass in the South American brewing scene. Formerly a winemaker, Garrido now specializes in barrel-aged and wild brews, crafting some of the best in the world.

When Arne learned Garrido and the brewers from Granizo were coming to the Bay Area in the fall, he was determined to partner to make a collaborative brew.

“We had a short time to plan the brew, but Oscar was toting with him a couple bags of Merkén, a spice blend used by the indigenous Mapuche people of Southern Chile. We built the beer around the spice,” says Johnson. Merkén is a mix of Smoked Goats Head Chile powder, ground coriander seed, and salt.

The collaboration is dryer than the Brewco’s typical dark beers and less bitter, a combination that helps the Merkén peek through. Johnson says the beer Is deliciously addictive. The sneaky strong brew, with a fleeting whiff of smoke and a mildly umami bittersweet chocolate palate, leaves a slight tingling of the cheeks well after you’ve swallowed the beer.

Marin/Granizo South ‘Merkén Double Porter is available now on tap and in kegs.

9.2% ABV, 31 IBU’s

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